Remembering Holly Branagan: A Neighbor's Fond Reflections

The black and white photograph captures the essence of a seemingly ordinary porch, accessed by a sliding glass door from the back of a house. However, your gaze quickly descends to the bench next to the door where a dog bowl rests. The bowl belonged to Clancy, the beloved pet of Moria 'Holly' Branagan. To the left of the bowl in the photo, something strange and unnatural peeks out from the other side of the glass door leading into the kitchen. "It was the first funeral I ever attended," recalls Kathy Elek, now Kathy Chouteau. "Back then, Holly was my babysitter. I was 10 years old, almost 11, when it happened. Holly was such a beautiful and caring person. It really shocked me. I started writing about it in my journal, and that's what led me to become the writer I am today," she continued. Holly Branagan resided on Pine Top Trail in Bethlehem, PA and was murdered on Wednesday, March 28th, 1979. Forty-four years later, her murder remains unsolved, though t